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Hi, my name is Corene Lyn Bennett. I have been enjoying working with glass since 2001.  I turned my passion for glass into a business in 2004 and came up with the name Coralyn Glass Creation.  When I was young, my sister, Cathy, would get my attention by yelling at me COR A LYN. I decided this was a good name for my glass art.

I started working with stain glass, but quickly moved into fused glass because I loved the softness and flexibility of working with warm glass.  What is warm glass, otherwise known as fused glass?  It is right between stain glass, working with the glass "cold" and blown glass, working with the glass "hot".  I work with the glass cold and then melt the glass pieces together in a kiln.  As you can see in my gallery, my favorite styles are working with floral designs and geometrics.

Probably one of my favorite things is working with someone to create that custom piece that is just what they were looking for as a gift or to display in their home and then use as a serving piece.  Contact me for more information on having a piece designed and formed just for you. I consider my glass pieces usable art.  They are designed to be displayed and then pulled off the shelf to use in serving dinner to your guests.  

I moved from Portland, Oregon, the glass mecca of the United States.  Here you will find two of the largest glass manufactures for fused glass.  Because of the ease in which you can get the glass to do fused work, there are many glass artists and classes available.  I was fortunate to learn from many wonderful glass artists, which gave me the knowledge of so many different techniques in working with glass.  I have found that my opportunity to learn with glass is limitless and the possibilities endless.

I moved back to California, specifically Pittsburg, in the fall of 2005.  It took me a while to get my studio up and running. I finally got there! I built a great studio that I just love to go into and create.  The other piece of my work that I really enjoy is watching my students grow.  I am thrilled to have a studio large enough to have up to 6 students at a time come play with me in my studio.  For more information on classes and private lessons, take a look at my classes page.

I encourage you to call me and come check out my studio.  I am always willing to show people what fused glass is all about and show off my place to play.  I can either work with you to create your favorite glass piece from Coralyn Glass Creations, or I can work with you so you can create your own favorite glass piece.

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